Unfortunately, the Seattle Seahawks season ends here in week 18. It shouldn’t have ended like this, but yet it has.

Week 18 created a conflict of emotions: we won the game (yay! ), but yet because the Cheese Hats won (boo!!!!! ), we won’t be going to the playoffs (sad!). It’s not the worst way to leave what has proven to be a challenging season for the Seattle Seahawks (and their fans).

Week 18 Slay

Key members of the Seahawks team made fantastic plays in week 18. Hopefully that’ll keep some of our senior players (Tyler Lockett, Bobby Wagner, etc.) on the rosters even though Seattle is allergic to any age that begins with three (remember when I harped on this during the preseason?).

Slay #1 – Tyler Lockett 

There are never enough positive things to say about Tyler Lockett. He works hard and puts his body on the line each and every week for the betterment of the team.

seattle seahawks

Tyler Lockett getting points (Christian Petersen/Getty Images).

This week, the stats speak for themselves. The TD and the following two-point conversion were A-1.

Slay #2 – Kenneth Walker III

It felt like every other play was Kenneth Walker III. Did we become the New Orleans Saints? Because we were using our running back to carry the team.

Geno Smith used Kenneth so much that everybody on both sides of the ball knew what the next play was going to be 80% of the time.

With a strong wide receiver core and tight ends, it makes sense to throw the ball from time to time too.

seattle seahawks

#9 Powering Up (Photo courtesy of oddschecker.com).

Walker was integral to the week 18 win.

Slay #3 – Devon Witherspoon 

Devon Witherspoon is a strong rookie acquisition selected by our excellent draft selectors.

The cornerback is strong any given Sunday, and week 18 was no different.

Witherspoon is… youthful and sometimes aggressively committed to his job. While he works out what that looks like for him long-term, I will enjoy his over-the-top stops. Most noticeably, his dramatic WWE/mixed martial arts/football stop on Sunday. I want to see more of that next season!

Future rookie of the year? (Steph Chambers/Getty Images).

Week 18 Bombs

Can I say week 18 was one big bomb? No? Fine.

Bomb #1 – Matt Prater

Matt Prater saved the Seattle Seahawks from a week 18 loss. Thanks bro!

However, two missed field goals? Someone’s getting the red slip on Black Monday (besides Arthur Smith).

Bomb #2 – The Green Bay Packers 

Is anyone else annoyed by the cheesehead’s success this year? Are they untouchable? Did they make a deal with the man downstairs?

Green Bay Packers Quay Walker

Granted, their model of actually allowing rookie QBs to develop and sit behind a veteran quarterback is a solid plan that used to be commonplace. This seems to be their recipe for success that allows them into the playoffs in the year that they should have failed miserably. How annoying.

Bomb #3 – The Refs 

I love a creative play as much as the next person. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a team try something different in a league where there’s very little room or encouragement for innovation.

However, I didn’t love what felt like an oversight of what likely should have been a penalty with the fake field goal. I’m not that adamant about it since, again, it can be hard to be innovative.

Subbing players and not allowing the Seahawks to match seems like enough to have the refs throw up a flag, even if it is overturned after review. But what do I know?

seattle seahawks

Julian Love doing his thing (Rick Scuteri/AP Photo).

Surprisingly, the only coach who threw a challenge flag during the game was Jonathan Gannon. Perhaps Carroll didn’t want to dampen Gannon’s first challenge of the season with his millionth. Always such a thoughtful guy (except for his gum).

Seattle Seahawks Summary

It’s clear to me that the Seattle Seahawks broke my heart irreparably by how they handled Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner last season. The highs and the lows have never felt as intense since then. However, what remains the same is that I bleed blue and lime green, and I will be a ride-or-die fan today, tomorrow, and next season. Let’s go, Hawks!

And the powers that be better not fire Carroll on Black Monday. I’ll throw a challenge flag on that (not that it matters).

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