Saturday, Mar. 30, and Sunday, Mar. 31, 2024, will be the first two days of the UFL season.

By kicking off another new edition of Professional Spring football, this season will hopefully prove that the merger between the XFL-USFL will finally be the solution to have spring football be permanent.

On Feb 24, all eight UFL teams will report to their respective training camps. This way, the teams, coaches, and players will have time to transition to getting into shape and getting to know one another.

What Rules Are Carrying Over to the UFL?

Rules will become a bigger priority in the UFL than in previous spring seasons as spring football is no longer split into two leagues of eight teams.

For the merger, it will be one league comprised of (8) teams, (4) from both leagues, if you count the merger of the Houston Roughneck’s team name and Houston Gambler’s coaching staff.

While the UFL rulebook isn’t out officially, UFL Executive VP of Football Operations, Darryl “The Moose” Johnston revealed some of the planned rules from the 2024 league publication.

Former Stars Kicker Luis Aguilar (15) – Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire Getty Images

1. Keeping USFL Kickoff Rules

Johnston noted how beneficial the USFL pleaded to implement their style of kickoff for the UFL, instead of the XFL kickoff rules.

“We fought long and hard on our rules because we felt the same way. We liked how our game presented itself on television,” Johnston replied, “One of the big things that we fought hard for was our kickoff. We did not like a stationary kickoff. We just felt that it didn’t look like football.”

2024 UFL KICKOFF RULE: The ball will be kicked from the 20-yard line, while all players will be moving on the kick-off. This will increase kick-off returns while improving the offense’s field position. (formally established by the USFL)

2. XFL Tiered Point System with No Extra Points

While the XFL was able to sacrifice one of their rules for Johnston’s kickoff rule, he would have to return the favor by letting the XFL implement their own rule. One of the XFL rules coming back is their three-layered point conversion system.

In the XFL, no extra points are kicked, as the team can try a one-point scrimmage play from the two-yard line, a two-point conversion from the five-yard line, or a three-point conversion from the 10-yard line.

In the USFL, you have the option to kick the extra point, and then it’s the same as the XFL, where the two-point conversion is from the five-yard line, and the three-point conversion is from the 10-yard line.

“The one thing they were adamant about was the non-kick PAT.” Johnston stated. “So, from the two-yard line, it’ll be a one-point try, but it’ll be a scrimmage, play. From the five-yard line, it’ll be a two-point play. And from the 10, it’ll be a three-point play. But kickers will not be attempting extra points.”

2024 UFL EXTRA POINT ATTEMPT RULE: 2 yard line-(1 point), 5 yard line-(2 points), 10 yard line-(3 points). This should bring more excitement to the game while having two and three points available for teams to go for to possibly clinch the (W). (formally established from the XFL)

Stallions WR Deon Cain (85) – Jason Miller/Getty Images for USFL

3. UFL Catching in Bounds

The UFL decided to use the NFL and the USFL rule where two feet must be in bounds to be ruled a catch as opposed to the XFL and College rule where only one foot must be in bounds.

It makes sense for the UFL to use the two feet-in-bounds rule, so players will be better prepared should they earn an NFL camp invite or make an active roster.

2024 UFL CATCHING IN BOUNDS RULE: Two feet must be in bounds for the receiver’s catch to be good. (formally established by the USFL)

4. XFL 4th Down Play Opposed to Onside Kick

The last key rule coming to the UFL is the XFL’s option to convert a 4th down and 12 as opposed to the onside kick rule. In the UFL, the rule is being tweaked from converting the play from the 28-yard line instead of the 33.

This rule was organized by both leagues. It was dealt with by changes on both sides to keep the 4th down onside kick rule. With both sides happy, it will still give teams a way to get the football back and give the fans something exciting to watch.

2024 UFL 4th DOWN ONSIDE KICK RULE: 4th and 12 from the 28-yard line. (XFL/USFL combine)

While these four rules are some of the more noted ones added for season one of the UFL, there will also be no bye weeks for the 10-week merger.

Many more rules will be revealed in the 2024 UFL rulebook very soon. Stay tuned to find out more.

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