The Jacksonville Jaguars have only been around for three decades but have already had some incredible players come through Jacksonville. From one of the best offensive linemen in NFL history to a pair of running backs that took the Jaguars to new heights, the Jaguars have seen some of the greatest players in NFL history play for their young organization. 

The 5 Greatest Players in Jaguars History

Tony Boselli

When looking at who is the best player in Jaguar’s franchise history, it’s without a doubt Tony Boselli. Elected into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2022, Boselli became the first Jacksonville Jaguar to be elected to the Hall of Fame. Such an honor makes him without a doubt the greatest player in Jaguars history.

Tony Boselli was an outstanding offensive tackle, making five straight Pro Bowls and making three straight All-Pro teams. From 1996 to 2000, Boselli was one of the greatest players along the offensive line in the NFL, if not the best. 

Making the hall of fame despite only playing seven seasons, Boselli had to leave a resounding impression on the NFL world. After being withheld from the Hall of Fame for years, he was finally rewarded for his years of stellar play at one of the most important positions in the NFL. His numerous achievements throughout his NFL career, without a doubt, make him the greatest player in Jaguar’s history.

Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Jaguars WR Jimmy Smith (82) – Paul Buck/AFP via Getty Images

Jimmy Smith is far and away one of the more underrated wide receivers in NFL history. A rough start to his NFL career in Dallas didn’t stop Smith from becoming the best wide receiver, and arguably the best offensive weapon, in Jaguar’s history. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players in Jacksonville Jaguars history.

“Lightning” joined the Jaguars in 1995 but got going starting in 1996. Starting in 1996 and ending his career in 2005, Jimmy Smith only missed five games. Missing only five games in nine years is an impressive feat in the NFL, especially for an offensive weapon like Jimmy Smith. To be so healthy and so productive at the same time deserves massive respect.

Going along with his longevity and health, Jimmy Smith never had a season below 1,000 receiving yards, other than 2003, when he missed four games (and even then, he was on pace for over 1,000 yards). He amassed over 12,000 receiving yards and over 65 touchdowns throughout his NFL career. Putting up numbers like those make him the best receiver in Jaguars history and one of the greatest players to play for the Jags.

His best stretch of play was from 1997 to 2001. Jimmy Smith made Pro Bowls in every season and was named a second-team All-Pro in back-to-back seasons in 1998 and 1999. These achievements make Jimmy Smith the best offensive player the Jaguars have ever had, along with their most prolific receiver in the team’s history, making him a lock for a spot among the greatest players in Jaguar’s history.

Mark Brunell

Mark Brunell Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Jaguars QB Mark Brunell (8) – Ed Nessen/AP

Alongside Jimmy Smith comes his quarterback for the majority of his career, Mark Brunell. Now, some outside of the Jagaurs fanbase may consider Brunell not worthy of being mentioned. When discussing the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Brunell won’t be mentioned. But he is the best quarterback the Jaguars have ever had, and he is deserving of his spot among the Jaguar’s greatest players. Although, his spot could end up being threatened if Trevor Lawrence can put together a solid career, and he’s well set up to do so starting in 2023.

While Brunell has flown under the radar, his career numbers have mirrored those of other great NFL players. Brunell started in his second NFL season and left the Jaguars after his tenth NFL season. Within that same time frame, Mark Brunell had a higher passer rating than both John Elway and Troy Aikman. The Southpaw also had more touchdowns and fewer interceptions than Troy Aikman during that same timeframe. Of course, both Elway and Aikman won championships, but the stats shouldn’t be ignored. 

Those stats, along with three pro bowls and over 25,000 passing yards, and 144 passing touchdowns, point to the impressive level of play that Brunell played for the Jaguars. Another facet of his game was his rushing attack over 2,200 rushing yards and 14 rushing touchdowns. For the time, those numbers were impressive and comparable to John Elway’s rushing ability through the same timeframe. 

Brunell, during his Jaguars tenure, put up similar numbers to that of Troy Aikman and John Elway, both of whom would go on to be Hall of Famers. Both of those quarterbacks are more notable than Mark Brunell, but during his Jaguars tenure, Brunell showed to be a quarterback that is deserving of praise and his spot amongst the greatest players in Jaguars’ history.

Fred Taylor

Fred Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Jaguars RB Fred Taylor (28) – Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Staying on the offensive side of the ball, Fred Taylor also deserves his spot among the greatest players in Jaguar’s history.  The beginning of his career aligned with the end of Tony Boselli’s, a time when Jaguars fans saw some of the best football ever played in Jacksonville.

Some of the best moments in Jaguar’s history have come from the effort of Fred Taylor. His 90-yard touchdown run at the beginning of one of the biggest routs in NFL playoff history, where the Jaguars beat the Dolphins by a score of 62 to 7, is one of the greatest moments in Jaguars history. The star of such a play deserves some consideration for being one of the greatest players in Jags’ history.

Despite only being named to one Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro (in the same season), Fred Taylor deserves to be among the greatest players in Jaguar’s history. He had a lengthy career for a running back, and that longevity allowed him to finish his career 17th all-time in rushing yards, with 11,695 yards. 

It’s understandable for other fanbases to not fully appreciate Fred Taylor’s greatness, but his efforts for the Jaguars should not go unnoticed. There were many players within a similar range as Fred Taylor, one of which we’ll get to shortly, but Taylor provided the moments, the longevity, and the talent to warrant being listed amongst the greatest players in Jaguar’s history. 

Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew (32) – Tom DiPace/AP

Last, and certainly not least, is Maurice Jones-Drew. It’s an incredible feat to play in the NFL at five-foot-seven, and even more incredible to be as good as MJD was during his Jaguars career. From 2006 to 2013, MJD accrued incredible accomplishments for the Jaguars. He made three pro bowls and was named a first-team All-Pro in 2011. In that season, he put up some incredible numbers.

In 2011, Maurice Jones-Drew put up 1606 rushing yards and eight rushing touchdowns and put up 374 receiving yards and three touchdowns on 43 receptions. A dual-threat running back dominating when he did is impressive and solidified his first-team All-Pro status. 

Similarly to Fred Taylor, MJD has gone unnoticed outside of the Jaguars’ fanbase. But Jaguars fans know well how impactful MJD was in his career. Whether it’s pancaking Shawne Merriman or returning a kickoff for a 99-yard touchdown in the playoffs against the Steelers, MJD has provided huge moments for Jaguars fans.  He played strong, physical, and mean. His presence is large in the history books in both the NFL and the Jaguars, and he is deserving of being included among the greatest players in team history.