The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have landed a 2024 three-star recruit. The Rutgers football team landed Kevin Levy, who plays both wide receiver and defensive back. The announcement came on July 15th, making it another important 2024 recruitment for Rutgers University. This is a versatile player and another big recruit for Rutgers within the last week. Not only did Levy commit to Rutgers, but he also picked the university over several Power Five schools. Here is more information on Kevin Levy, and what he brings to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Kevin Levy: The Newest Member of the Scarlet Knights

Cardinal Newman HS DB/WR Kevin Levy (1) – Greg Lovett/The Palm Beach Post

Levy is a wide receiver and defensive back rated as a three-star player by 247Sports. He is also not from the state of New Jersey; he is actually from West Palm Beach, Florida. Rutgers has been known, like most schools, to primarily land more local prospects but occasionally does get a player from somewhere else. Levy is one of those players, even picking to join the Scarlet Knights over Florida State. He also chose to play for Rutgers over Illinois, Louisville, and Arkansas. The university has been doing well with its recruiting for the class of 2024, as this is not the first player to pick to play for Rutgers over other big schools.

Levy is another speedster to join Rutgers. His 100 meters, as of May 2022, is 10.66 seconds, and his 200 meters is 21.54 seconds. Like many athletes, Levy did not just play football but also ran track. At Cardinal Newman High School, the new recruit is known to be a talented sprinter. In 2022, Cardinal Newman ended their football season with an 11-1 record.

As a receiver in 2022, Levy had 19 receptions for 304 yards and two touchdowns, according to 247Sports. In 2022 he also had 23 tackles and three pass breakups. In 2021 he did have one fumble recovery and one interception. Hopefully, next year, he can boost those turnovers before officially joining this Rutgers football team. Either way, the Scarlet Knights are getting a solid player.

How Kevin Levy Will Fit in With Rutgers

Cardinal Newman HS WR/DB Kevin Levy – Christopher Nee/247Sports

Of course, Levy is not heading to Rutgers right away; he has another year to grow in high school. Rutgers also has a young team that will be growing in the meantime. With Levy’s ability to play multiple positions, he will be a crucial part of the team. It is not yet known where the Scarlet Knights plan on using him. Perhaps it will depend on where he will be needed the most. Rutgers has been building their football program back up for the past couple of years. By the time Levy is here, they expect to be winning more often, and he will most likely be a part of that plan.

It is Levy’s speed that fans of Rutgers football should be excited for. As a receiver, no matter who the starting quarterback will be by the time Levy is on the team, a speedster will make his life easier. Quarterbacks will be able to rely on him getting open quickly for easy yards. Levy’s longest reception was for 80 yards, and that was due to how quick he is on his feet. 247Sports described the way he plays as always being eager to seek out the ball. This is obviously a crucial part of the job of being a wide receiver, but also beneficial as a defensive back.

Rutgers football has a good defense. Their defense can put up a fight against any team, especially at the beginning of games when they are still well-rested. Adding a quick defensive back will contribute fewer yards gained by opponents. As said, Levy is always eager to go after the ball when it is thrown, no matter what position he is playing. This will contribute to more turnovers, which will of course, help the team win. Kevin Levy is a solid class of 2024 recruit for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.