The offseason has been a long and grueling process for many teams. For the Jacksonville Jaguars, their offseason has been filled with hope and excitement. While there were some departures, the additions heading into the 2023 NFL season make up for those losses. Calvin Ridley is the big name for the Jaguars, but they have added so much more. Between the young players developing, and the new additions being the missing pieces, the Jaguars are in one of the best spots they have ever been as a franchise.

In this article, we will look at the Jaguars’ game-by-game predictions. The Jaguars 2023 schedule is set up to be a roller coaster. There will be big wins, tough losses, and accomplishing a feat that the Jaguars haven’t accomplished this century. A lot happens in these game predictions for the Jaguars, which is discussed in this scenario.

Jacksonville Jaguars Game by Game Predictions

Week 1: at the Indianapolis Colts

In the first week of the 2023 NFL season and the first week for these game-by-game predictions, the Jacksonville Jaguars face off against a division rival in the Indianapolis Colts. While the Colts lead 27 to 17 in head-to-head matchups, the Jaguars have been winning more recently. Since 2016, the Jaguars have gone nine and six against the Colts, splitting their games in 2022.

For the first week of the 2023 NFL season, the Jaguars open the year with a win. A Colts team that is undergoing drastic changes facing an ascending Jaguars squad sets up for what could be the start of a historic year for the Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts, starting the season 1-0.

Week 2: vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Trevor Lawrence vs Chiefs AFC Divisional

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence (16) – Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

Week two features a rematch of the AFC Divisional round; this time, the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Fans of both teams should be looking forward to this one, an early season clash between top teams in the NFL and potential opponents once again in the 2023 NFL playoffs.

In the 2022 NFL playoffs, the Jaguars lost 27 to 20. Unfortunately, the Chiefs still have Patrick Mahomes. While I have the Jaguars losing against the Chiefs, it would not be shocking to see a hungry Jaguars squad upset the Chiefs for the home opener in Jacksonville.

For these game predictions, the Jacksonville Jaguars come up just short against the Kansas City Chiefs in what will be one of the better games through two weeks of the NFL season, dropping to 1-1.

Week 3: vs. Houston Texans

Divisional opponents sandwich a playoff rematch as the Houston Texans come to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars in week three. The last decade had gone the Texans’ way in this matchup; even in 2022, when the Texans were freefalling to one of the worst records in the league, they managed to get a win against the Jaguars.

With the addition of C.J. Stroud, the Texans have changed the signal caller for an offense full of unproven talent. And while Jaguars fans should be somewhat concerned about the potential for Stroud to become a top quarterback, the odds are in their favor for this matchup early in the season.

This game has a decent chance of being a blowout, as the Texans would most likely still be in the process of finding their identity. After splitting their first two games, the Jaguars win at home against the Texans to get to 2-1. 

Week 4: vs. Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium in London

Jaguars Zay Jones running onto field in Wembley

Jaguars WR Zay Jones (7) – Joshua Atkins/AP Photos

The first matchup for the Jaguars against the NFC is against the Atlanta Falcons, and it takes place where the Jaguars have found themselves many times over the years; overseas in London.

The Falcons have the best offensive weapons that the Jaguars have gone up against until this point. Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, and Cordarrelle Patterson make up a dynamic room of weapons. But the question is whether the quarterback, Desmond Ridder, can make use of such a talented group of weapons. The Falcons pose a challenge for the Jaguars defense early in the season.

But fortunately, the Jaguars are better prepared and have the firepower to match such an offense. They beat the Atlanta Falcons in London, defending their vacation home, and rise to 3-1.

Week 5: vs Buffalo Bills at Hotspur Stadium in London

The Buffalo Bills are the Jaguars’ next opponent, and the Jaguars don’t have to go anywhere after their week four game, as week five against the Bills is once again in London.

The Bills and the Jaguars share some similarities, both teams with young quarterbacks who were labeled busts early in their careers. Both teams lost in the Divisional round. But these two teams are still far apart in the eyes of the NFL world. The Bills have made it to the playoffs multiple times under Josh Allen and Sean McDermott. The Jaguars have only made it once. But that doesn’t matter for this week-five matchup between two of the top contenders in the AFC.

After starting the season strong for these game predictions, the Jaguars are stalled by the Buffalo Bills, losing a close game and falling to 3-2.

Week 6: vs Indianapolis Colts

Week six has the Indianapolis Colts come to Jacksonville, completing the season series early in the year. After the Jaguars won in convincing fashion, the Colts have found their way to Jacksonville for what could be a major turning point in the season.

There are two main scenarios for the Colts in 2023, either Anthony Richardson turns out to be a good quarterback or Richardson doesn’t put everything together right away and the Colts miss the playoffs for the third year in a row.

In this scenario, the Colts have to wait another year. Richardson shows flashes, but he still hasn’t quite put it together, especially by week six. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts, sweeping the season series and putting themselves in a good spot to win the division early in the year. A third of the way through the year, the Jaguars are 4-2.

Week 7: at New Orleans Saints

For the first time, the Jaguars play a primetime game. Through the first six weeks, the Jaguars played at one p.m. Eastern time, but in week six, they go up against the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are a team in limbo, both being competitive and rebuilding a roster that has slowly started to fall apart due to cap issues. But they always remain competitive, and this Thursday night game will be no different.

On Thursday Night Football, the Jaguars stave off a competitive New Orleans Saints squad to climb to 5-2.

Week 8: at Pittsburgh Steelers

Leonard Fournette Jaguars

Former Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette (27) leaps over the Steelers defense – Justin Berl/Getty Images

Week eight is a matchup between two franchises that have some classic matchups throughout their history; the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. For the Jaguars, the two games that stand out are the 2017 regular season and playoff games. Two massive wins for the Jaguars, and a third will soon be joining them in these game predictions.

The Steelers are in a similar spot to the Saints but have one important aspect which elevates them over the Saints; they have a young, potentially franchise quarterback. The Steelers are an intriguing team but are just a step behind the Jaguars in week eight.

The Jaguars edge out the Steelers resulting in the Jaguars moving to 6-2.

Week 9: Bye – Halfway Point of Jaguars Game by Game Predictions

At the bye week, which so happens to be right in the middle of the season, it’s time to take a step back and analyze the game predictions so far. Sitting at six and two, the Jaguars lead their division and are well set up to make the playoffs for the second consecutive year. At this point, I feel these game predictions have been fair and realistic. But after the bye week, things get a bit more interesting.

This bye week comes at a time when the Jaguars could make some major moves. The Jaguars could be buyers at the trade deadline, and with the deadline falling around week nine, there could be some players available to strengthen the Jaguars en route to a playoff run. For the fun of it, one potential addition for the Jaguars could be Danielle Hunter from the Vikings, an edge rusher who would give the Jaguars much-needed help rushing the passer. 

Week 10: vs San Fransisco 49ers

Coming off their bye week, the Jaguars are given a tough matchup right away. The San Francisco 49ers are a franchise with a long history, especially at quarterback. But if there’s any question for the 49ers, it’s at quarterback. 

Unfortunately for the Jaguars, the rest of the 49ers are stacked. The best offensive skill group the Jaguars will face all year and the best defense the Jaguars will face all year. Those two happening in the same game aren’t fun, and this will be one of the toughest matchups for the Jaguars all year. 

These game predictions have been kind to the Jaguars, but unfortunately this matchup just screams a disappointing loss. The Jaguars lose to the 49ers and drop to 6-3 on the year.

Week 11: vs Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry being tackled by Foyesade Oluokun

Jaguars LB Foyesade Oluokun (23) – Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

After a frustrating loss coming off the bye week, the Jaguars stay in Jacksonville and face a division rival in the Tennessee Titans. Unlike the prior week, the Jaguars’ opponent won’t have an elite offense or defense. But the Titans still have Derek Henry, and he’s always given the Jaguars a nightmare. 

Week 11 is an interesting one, as a loss here could turn things for the worse. But the Jaguars don’t succumb to the pressure and secure an important divisional win. After this win, the Jaguars can rest easy as they move to 7-3.

Week 12: at Houston Texans

It happens to every franchise seemingly every year. There’s a saying for games like these: a trap game.

Making these game predictions, I want to try and capture some of the complete randomness and absurdity that occurs in the NFL. Like the Colts beating the Chiefs last year, teams that are seemingly outmatched find a way to win. Divisional games are especially challenging, and up until this point, the Jaguars have won their divisional games.  

In week 12, the Jaguars face the Texans in Houston, where the first truly controversial pick of these game predictions occurs. Their run of divisional dominance ends in Houston. For the Jaguars, it’s a back-breaking loss, sending them to 7-4 on the season.

Week 13: vs Cincinnati Bengals

A disappointing week 12 is followed by a tough matchup back in Jacksonville against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have had a lot of postseason success in the past few years and have arguably the best wide receiver room in the league. 

While the Jaguars could beat the Bengals, there’s a much higher likelihood that the Bengals continue their success. However, the Jaguars are a team that can win a matchup like this, especially with their revamped offense which can go toe to toe with the Bengals’ loaded offense. These game predictions aren’t as generous as I have the Bengals coming out on top.

It’s a tough time for the Jaguars, losing back-to-back games for the first time this season. They fall to 7-5 on the year.

Week 14: at Cleveland Browns

Trevor Lawrence and Deshaun Watson shake hands

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence (16) – Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Coming off back-to-back losses, the Jaguars are given an interesting challenge in the Cleveland Browns. While the Browns are seemingly good on paper, they haven’t fully put it together. Deshaun Watson hasn’t been his past self, and the defense took a step back in 2022. 

Predicting most teams to lose three in a row would be a sign of a team either facing a gauntlet of opponents or a team that’s far from competing in the playoffs. These opponents for the Jaguars are tough, but they have grown from prior seasons and won a game that is very much needed to keep the Jaguars’ playoff hopes alive.

Jaguars fans will be relieved to know that their losing streak ends here, as they secure a much-needed win to climb to 8-5.

Week 15: vs Baltimore Ravens

Here’s another tough opponent late in the year for the Jaguars. The Ravens have shown to be a tough team to gauge due to Lamar Jackson being injured and inconsistent in recent years. But Jackson is far from being a bad player, and assuming everyone stays healthy in these Jaguars game predictions; the Ravens will be an extremely difficult opponent.

Lamar Jackson against Trevor Lawrence is another great quarterback matchup in the Jaguars season. Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, DeShaun Watson, and Josh Allen. Competition like that is always challenging, and while it would be disappointing to lose most of those matchups, the Jaguars’ main focus should be making the playoffs. Unfortunately, those plans are put on hold for another week in these game predictions.

Following a trend since the bye week, the Jaguars can’t seem to string multiple wins together, as they fall to the Ravens and subsequently fall to 8-6.

Week 16: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Finally, the Jaguars are in the home stretch. Ironically, it starts on the road but not too far from home. Traveling to Tampa, the Jaguars face what looks to be a rebuilding Buccaneers team. Major questions at quarterback, paired with a struggling offense, aren’t a good sign for a team being competitive.

This game prediction is a relatively easy one, as the Jaguars take care of business in Tampa to go 9-6 with two weeks to go.

Week 17: vs Carolina Panthers

Another NFC South opponent, the Carolina Panthers, rounds out the Jaguars’ NFC opponents on the year. The Panthers are in a similar situation as the Texans and the Colts: being led by rookie quarterbacks with a relatively decent surrounding squad. However, the Panthers have the much better team of the three.

These game predictions have the Panthers joining the other teams with rookie quarterbacks, losing to the Jaguars in week 17. Ending the 2023 season at 3-1 against the NFC, the Jaguars beat the Panthers to get to 10-6.

That does not change the outcome of this game. The Jaguars find their way to three and one against NFC opponents, as they beat the Panthers to get to ten and six.

Week 18: at Tennessee Titans

Brandon Scherff, Trevor Lawrence, Christian Kirk vs Titans

Jaguars OL Brandon Scherff (68), QB Trevor Lawrence (16), and WR Christian Kirk (13) – Mike Carlson/Getty Images

We’ve made it to Week 18, the last week of the season. These Jaguars’ game predictions have led the Jaguars to a 10-6 record. By this point in the year, barring a completely surprising season from any of the AFC South opponents, the Jaguars will most likely have the division and a playoff spot under wraps.

But if, by chance, they don’t have the division locked up, this matchup could end up being for the division. Does that scenario feel familiar? Of course, it might be a meaningless game, but in this Jaguars game prediction scenario, they fight to win and do so, closing out a fantastic year for the Jaguars.

Winning the last game of the year and subsequently securing their playoff berth, the Jaguars round out the year at 11-6.